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    [JustSystems] Mar 20/09 Webinar: Strategic Content is Good for Business

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    Topic: Strategic Content is Good for Business: How DITA and SharePoint Maximize Content Reuse

    Date: March 20, 2009
    Time: 10:00am GMT

    Dr. JoAnn T. Hackos, President, Comtech Services and Director, CIDM
    Su-Laine Yeo, Interaction Design Specialist, JustSystems

    Hosted By: AIIM Europe

    Well-managed content is easy to find, easy to maintain, up-to-date and consistent. The goal of better-managed content is now much easier to achieve…even on constrained budgets. DITA (the Darwin Information Typing Architecture standard) is rapidly being adopted as a proven foundation for content reuse, and Microsoft SharePoint has made basic content management features accessible to hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide.

    When you facilitate the reuse and sharing of content, you improve content quality, increase staff efficiency, reduce publishing costs and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. DITA and SharePoint maximize content reuse; enabling authors to update information in one place that results in updated information everywhere, and safely archives old content while the making the current version obvious.

    Whether you’re in HR, legal, marketing or other departments, this webinar will teach you to leverage DITA and SharePoint for cost-effective information sharing. Join this live webinar to learn:

    • How real-world organizations make well-planned, collaborative authoring a competitive advantage through improved speed, lower costs and higher-value communication;
    • How to use DITA, using concrete examples, to create a single set of source files so you can make an update in one place and see it everywhere; and
    • How to use Microsoft SharePoint as a content management system for DITA content without expensive server add-ons or complex IT overhead.

    Register Now at https://compx08.eventcenterlive.com/cfmx/ec/register/reg.cfm?BID=1&RegID=A8104032


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