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  • Teresa Cheung

    [JustSystems] Feb 12/09 Webinar: Keeping Content Creation Costs Down

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    Topic: Keeping Content Creation Costs Down: Add Collaborative Real-Time XML Reviewing to your Authoring Process

    For your convenience, the event is available live at two different times to accommodate viewers in different time zones.

    Thursday, February 12, 2009
    [Option 1] 7:00am PT | 10:00am ET | 3:00pm GMT
    [Option 2] 11:00am PT | 2:00pm ET | 7:00pm GMT


    • Tom Magliery, XML Technology Specialist, JustSystems

    Authoring is a collaborative exercise. Whether the document you’re working on is a datasheet, policies and procedures manual, operations manual, proposal or contract, a key part of authoring is to involve subject matter experts and other contributors to review, edit and provide key pieces of information to complete your document. But when you think of document reviews, you think of outdated methods such as routing a document to several people by email, making revisions with change-tracking, or PDF revision markings that the author later must decipher and compile. Reviewers waste time making the same comments that others have made in isolation, and writers waste time sorting them out. As a result, writing teams end up requiring more time and resources to get content published while adding cost and delaying product releases.

    With JustSystems XML authoring and reviewing tools, a collaborative approach is possible, resulting in a greater volume of high-quality documents that can cost-effectively be produced in a faster timeframe, while making it possible for teams to feel a greater sense of ease and confidence in their work.

    Attend this upcoming Webinar and you will:

    • Find out the potential for dramatic cost savings and efficiencies associated with a seamless XML authoring and reviewing process.

    • Learn how to easily capture and retain a complete history of all reviews in context, through all drafts, for auditing purposes.

    • Learn how to enable collaboration and editing, even for contributors in your team who have no knowledge of XML.

    • Find out how to be more efficient by eliminating the “re-keying” of revisions.

    • View a demo showing how authors and reviewers can view and respond to each others’ comments in real-time and in-context, eliminating miscommunication, backtracking, multiple versioning and process delays.

    Register at: https://justsystems.webex.com/justsystems/onstage/g.php?p=11&t=m


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