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    [JustSystems] Apr 7/09 Webinar: Manage the Changing Roles of Writers & Editors

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    Topic: Managing the Changing Roles of Writers and Editors When Moving to a Structured Writing Environment

    Date: April 7, 2009
    Time: 1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT

    Bill Gamboa, Application Engineer, Vasont Systems
    Tom Magliery, XML Technology Specialist, JustSystems

    Hosted By: Vasont Systems

    Moving your content to XML and implementing a content management strategy provides great cost savings in the editorial, review, and production processes when publishing to different formats. The change in strategy also means a shift from silos to increased cooperation and a change in the tasks and mindset of writers and editors which may invoke fear and uncertainty in them.

    As a manager, you need to determine what those new roles and processes will be and how to implement them so the transition is easy and valuable for the writers and editors. Tom and Bill will present ideas to help managers manage this shift that will result in increased efficiency, and better morale as a team.

    Register Now at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/652808541


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