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  • MrPaul

    Issue with GoToNext in XMAX v6?

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    Is there a known issue with the GoToNext API call? Consider the following:


    If my range selection is at the starting of:

    [code]one two three[/code]

    The GoToNext call seems to skip “two” and goes directly to “three”. It seems to be skipping the first word inside an element. If there is no element, the function seems to work properly. Is this a known issue?

    I am using XMAX version


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Issue with GoToNext in XMAX v6?

    I can't seem to reproduce this.

    In order to see where the Range actually ends up I have been testing with this code and XMAX

    //XMetaL Script Language JScript:
    var rng = ActiveDocument.Range;

    This Range API (and the equivalent on Selection) is directly linked to what a user can do with a selection and the keyboard. What happens in your case when you press Ctrl+Right Arrow?

    Perhaps the application hosting XMAX is making a difference. What do you have XMAX embedded inside of, and which version of Windows is it on?


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