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    Issue while copying the file path in Tomcat Server

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     issue is happening with tomcat developing for selecting a file from file select dialog and copying the same file into a folder in which xml file is present.I am using followin Api in the code,

    var Dlg = new ActiveXObject(“SQExtras.FileDlg”);

    var fso = new ActiveXObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”);

    where my paramfile is entire path of the file which is selected from a dialogue box and newparamFile is the path where file needs to be
    copied i.e I am copying the file to a location
    var paramFile =ActiveDocument.Path+”\” imagename;
    where imagename is the name of the image extracted from paramfile eg.image1.jpg(not the entire path c:….)


    1.The same code works properly when build project's xml file is opened with Xmetal Autor Enterprise 5.5
    in normal open with Xmetal 5.5 Enterprise its gives proper folder path where my xml file with .xac file is present i.e C:(path where my xml file is kept with .xac file)
    and file is copied properly.

    2.But when deployed on tomcat :
    the value of Application.alert(paramFile);as https://localhost:8081/(path where my xml file is kept with .xac file on tomcat webapps)
    the file selection dialogue box is opened and when file is selected it gives an error that “Bad file name or number”

    The same file is selected in both the case.

    1.How do i select a path of the folder where my .xml and .xac files on tomcat are kept

    2.How to copy a file (which is selected from dialoguebox) from client machine to tomcat server where my .xml and .xac file are saved?

    3.fso.CopyFile Api can be used for the above scenario?

    4.when I use Application.CopyAssetFile(paramFile,newParamFile); instead of using fso.CopyFile(paramFile, newparamFile), it gives an error that unable to write to the file https://localhost:8081/(path where my xml file is kept with .xac due to restricted acces

    request you to reply as soon as possible and please provide some help.

    Thanks in advance



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