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    IsSpellCheckerInstalled returning false on some systems

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    We have just upgraded from Xmax 7 to XMax and are using Windows 10 Enterprise workstations.

    We install xmax as follows:  xmforactivex.exe” /s /v”/qn ALLUSERS=1

    Following installation we see that the Writing Tools are installed in the Corel/Shared/XMetaL/Writing Tools/10 directory, however on some systems the call to IsSpellCheckerInstalled returns true and on others it returns false.

    We previously installed v7 using the same logic and did not see this issue.  We have also tried running our application as Admin, however the issue does not go away

    I saw other posts regarding the spellChecker not working that indicated a Windows 10 update #1803 may be causing the issue, however this update does not appear to be installed on any of the machines, either working or not working.

    Can you offer any hints as to why we might be getting this inconsistent behavior?  I would try to get a newer version of XMax to test with but I'm not sure where to obtain the software – the Downloads page seems to include only XMetal Author Enterprise 13 Trial software…



    Derek Read

    Reply to: IsSpellCheckerInstalled returning false on some systems

    Please contact the JustSystems sales department to obtain any version of any XMetaL software. They will provide everything: EULA, download, and license file.



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    Thanks Derek, we are reaching out to the sales department but do you have any ideas/suggestions on what may be causing the issue?

    Can you tell me what IsSpellChecker() is actually doing?  What does it look for?  I'm assuming it must be looking for something specific in the registry since the files are present on the filesystem but can you provide more details so we can see if the problematic machines are actually missing information?



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