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    Is there a way to accept revision marks for a whole project?

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    Our content has old data changes that were put in with revision marks. I'd like to accept them in bulk. Is there a way in XMetal 6, or a script that will work?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Is there a way to accept revision marks for a whole project?

    You can use the “Run Cross-File Operation” that comes with the 7.0 versions of XMetaL Author (Enterprise or Essential). It includes an operation that lets you accept all changes for revision marking. However, because the Cross-File features (this one plus “Find in Files” and “Spell Check in Files”) are all new to 7.0, earlier versions don't have this.

    1. In the Tools menu select Run Cross-File Operation.
    2. In the dialog that appears select the “Accept All Changes” operation from the list and then the files you wish it to “apply” the operation to. Depending on what you currently have open you can select from the following:
    – All Open Documents
    – Current Document
    – A DITA map file (map file name is displayed), in which case all referenced DITA files are included.
    – Use the Browse button to select a folder and then optionally check the “Include subfolders” checkbox (I did that for my screen shot).

    This operation cannot be undone, so it might be best to make a copy of the files you are working on and run it on the copy just in case. This operation opens each file (in memory without rendering it) and performs the equivalent of selecting the “Accept All” button in the Accept or Reject Changes dialog you are used to using (which functions on the current document only).


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