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    Is JustSystems willing to release a roadmap?

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    I am always impressed when I am able to read about the development plans of a particular software package. For example NetBeans has a nice roadmap of when to expect a new version and what features it will include:

    Is JustSystems will be willing to release this kind of information to the public?

    I am not expecting a detailed dossier but a short description of what features are planned and when they are being planned for would be very nice.

    It’s always nice to look forward to a new release but we can’t do that if you don’t tell us what to look forward too!

    What does everyone else think?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: Is JustSystems willing to release a roadmap?

    I agree, this would be very nice, however, I believe our management has concerns about competition obtaining this type of information.

    I know… there isn't really much competition for the Greatest XML Editor in the Universe! 😉

    OK, maybe it's just the greatest on this planet 😉
    (yes, I'm a little biased, having been with the product for 10 years)

    I'm really tempted to leak some of the stuff we're working on. There is some cool stuff coming down the pipe. We'll probably start announcing things (Marketing that is) as soon as Development is sure a set of features is going to happen for the next release, which would be later this year (hopefully sooner than later).



    Reply to: Is JustSystems willing to release a roadmap?

    Hopefully XMetaL's marketing director knows well your competition and customers. For customers it is difficult to understand that neither timeline nor feature highlights are communicated in advance. Similar to Heisenberg uncertainty principle you cannot predict which features are available at a defined timestamp in future nor when a defined feature will be available in the product for sure. Ok, but staying silent and charging maintenance fee is expecting a high degree of trust in your company.
    I assume you could announce that the product will be enhanced regarding
    – usability
    – stability
    – CSS feaure support
    – DITA, DocBook, … standards
    Maybe you can make a list of problems mentioned in posts of this forum that are addressed by the next release?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Is JustSystems willing to release a roadmap?

    I can't make these types of decisions but I will let management know about it.

    The closer we get to a particular release the less of an issue sharing this information becomes.


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