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    Insert Table Dialog Behaving Weirdly

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    One of our authors noticed weirdness with the Insert Table dialog when inserting a CALS table. The texts “Number of rows” and “Number of columns”, next to the edit boxes, are missing the words “rows” and “columns”, respectively (see picture). Her colleague, with an identical computer and environment, does not have this problem.

    They are running XMetaL 5.5 EE Author, Service Pack 1, on Win XP SP3. The authoring environment contains a lot of customizations made by us but nothing that changes XMetaL's standard table editing functionality.

    Best regards,

    Ari Nordström


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Insert Table Dialog Behaving Weirdly

    I suspect the two environments are not identical. Given your screenshot it appears that this person has altered some windows display settings, or some font sizes for particular controls or something related.

    The dialogs in XMetaL Author may not handle every case. Unfortunately, depending on the setting the text they contain may expand while the space alloted for them in the dialogs cannot.

    It would be nice if the product supported scaled up fonts everywhere in the UI, or not scale the fonts, but the functionality is just not there at the moment.



    Reply to: Insert Table Dialog Behaving Weirdly

    Ah, thank you. I'll investigate.


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