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    Insert Symbol Menu Item Doesn’t Work

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    We're using XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise 8.0 Service Pack 1 with the SDL Live Content Architect 2013 authoring bridge. We recently upgraded from XMetaL 6 to XMetaL 8. Before the upgrade, Insert -> Symbol worked fine. After the upgrade, Insert -> Symbol doesn't do anything (no message, no action at all). We can work around the issue with “right click in toolbar” -> Symbols. But does anyone have suggestions on how to diagnose the issue with Insert -> Symbol? Thanks!

    Paul Masalsky


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Insert Symbol Menu Item Doesn’t Work

    The menu item for Insert > Symbols was broken when the menus and toolbars were revamped for version 8 (quite a few parts of the GUI were reimplemented).
    The same changes broke the Insert > Special Characters menu item.
    These issues were corrected for version 9 (and still work as they should with version 10).

    In version 8 you will need to right click on the toolbar area and select the Symbols toolbar to open it.


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