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  • tibo1981

    Insert of multiple elements on "On insert" Event

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    Using the ctm file, I tried to insert several elements when inserting one specific element.

    For exemple, for the properties “On Insert” of the element “pCtxt”, i would like to insert this fragment:

    When i write this in the content of the MiniTemplate, that does not work, only “” is inserted.
    Is there any workaround?




    Derek Read

    Reply to: Insert of multiple elements on "On insert" Event

    Make sure whatever you want to be inserted can validly be inserted. To test that you can copy and paste it into an open document. If that doesn't work then XMetaL (Author or XMAX) thinks it is invalid.

    At that point I would build it from scratch in XMetaL Author, validate it there, and use that in the CTM file.

    At some point it would be really nice to have this validation occur during editing of the CTM but that's way down on the wish list of features we're working on (which mostly focuses on Author and XMAX).


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