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  • Doug_Stuart

    Insert menu not displaying all options

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    XMetaL Author Enterprise v.

    In normal operation, the Insert menu displays 22 options when a topic is open or a map is viewed in XML View, but displays 8, mostly disabled, options if no topic is open or if there is only a map open in Map Editor. On one of our systems the truncated menu is the only one that appears, even if a topic is open. We have reinstalled the app, have launched it holding down the Ctrl key to reset things, and have poked around looking for places where the menus might be configured. No luck so far.

    What might be causing this issue?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Insert menu not displaying all options

    One or more files (possibly toolbar files) may be corrupted or otherwise modified. I would try repairing (or uninstalling then installing) as a first step.



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    Doing a complete uninstall and reinstalling XMetaL fixed the problem, after repairing did not. A day later and everything seems to be working fine.

    Many thanks!


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