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    #include-like mechanism for .ctm files?

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    I'm about to use the words “DITA” and “Specialization,” but I think this is probably a general XMetaL question…

    I've created a couple of domain specialization and would like to configure pretty print/indentation behavior, as well as the mini-templates. Is there any sort of #include-like behavior for .ctm files, or do I need to copy the configuration to each of my topic/task/reference/etc .ctm files?



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    There's no include-like mechanism for CTM files at this time. You'll need to maintain full copies of the CTM. Seems like a good idea, though, and I will bring it to the attention of project management.

    In DITA, if you use the Select Specialized DITA DTD command in XMetaL to add your specialization, XMetaL will at least do the “cloning” work for you, creating a copy of the entire CTM for the base topic type in the directory “DITA/XACs/“. (In XMetaL 7 this will be “DITA/XACs//“.) At the moment, FWIW, most (if not all) of the DITA topic CTMs in XMetaL are identical.


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