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  • scotth

    Incidental Graphics Display

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    Using XMetaL 6.0, is there anyway to display small icons or graphics that are not associated with an image tag in the XML? For example, lets say that I want to display a small icon next to a warning, caution, or not. My first thought was to make use of css background images, but I notice in the help file that the property is not supported by XMetaL.




    Derek Read

    Reply to: Incidental Graphics Display

    The documentation is outdated in this regard. You can use the following construction in your CSS to do what you want:

    selector_name:before {

    All of the image formats that XMetaL Author supports “natively” should be usable here as far as I know.
    With this usage the file must be on your local machine (you cannot use an http address for example, as you can with elements that have their CTM settings configured to render them as images).


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