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  • bradley

    If Xmetal support search any Chinese characters?

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    I am a chinese user, what I want to do is to find the space between two chinese characters and remove them.

    I read the help file but seems there is not topic for search by unicode range. I tried search [^u4E00-^u9FFF] if seems can find any characters exclude [A-z], but balck space, latin punctuation also in found result.

    I want to know if xMetal can search Chinese characters only like we can do in Word, Indesign and so on? Anyone have the experience?



    Derek Read

    Reply to: If Xmetal support search any Chinese characters?

    The XMetaL Author Find and Find and Replace dialogs do not support searching for Unicode character ranges or Unicode codepoint values by  entering numbers. You enter a character as a character to search for it.

    So, you can search for spaces between particular characters using a string like the following “中 文” (character space character). This should work for any Unicode characters, including Chinese. If your space is a “regular” space (U+0020) then just enter it using the keyboard. If it is some other type of space then either use your IME to enter it or some other tool (such as Windows Character Map for example) or manually locate an instance of it in the document and copy it from there.

    See screenshot for an example. In the screenshot the document contains the text “中 文” (zhong space wen) and the Find dialog contains the same text, which was then found and highlighted by pressing the “Find” button.


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