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    I got asterisks in my Index

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    I just noticed this the other day, so I have no idea when it actually started. But I'm generating webhelp and I keep getting three asterisks as the first entry of my Index. It's linked to a topic that, at first, had no metadata. I added the metadata with no change. I've opened the help in several browsers, too. Any ideas?



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    We've traced this back to topics with an empty tag.



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    And there it was, lost in the body of the page. I had to do a Find in Plain Text View to locate it. Thanks!!!!!


    Derek Read

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    FYI, in this particular case the following warning should appear in the DITA OT log file when you generate output:

    DOTJ014W WARN The indexterm element does not have any content. Setting the term to ***. Please add content to the indexterm.

    Taken from here: http://dita-ot.sourceforge.net/doc/ot-userguide13/xhtml/troubleshooting/messages_toolkit.html


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