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    html tables

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    There are two examples in your xmetall(author)/webmax folders, Jam1.xml and CamerasInFocus.xml, showing how to use html tables. Jam1.xml doesn't provide any functionality for changing the width of rows/columns of the contained table, but CameresInFocus provides it. Both of them are using the Journailst.dtd, but where is the difference?

    We would like to have html tables with the provided functionality, what do we have to do??


    Derek Read

    Reply to: html tables

    The difference is that the DTD used by Jam1.xml in the Webmax demo does not include the width attribute for



    If you use a DTD that specifies @width (like the HTML 4 table model documented at the W3C or the table.ent file referenced by the journalist.dtd that ships with XMetaL Author) then setting the width attribute value for a


    element will alter the appearance of the table in the editor (both XMAX and Author share the exact same underlying code here).


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