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    HTML tables not rendering in XMetal 16

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    I have an issue in the rendering of HTML tables which has worked successfully in Xmetal versions 5, 7 and 10 but does not work in XMetal 16 which we are now having to support. We have a custom XSD which includes an html table module, this module has been extended to include additional table element attributes and an extended table cell model. The curious thing is when I insert a table through the menu system it will render as a table, yet if I reload the document the rendering disappears and only the parent table element tags are displayed. Similarly, for data that includes HTML tables and are opened in XMetal 16 all I see are the table element tags.
    I have found similar issues on this forum with XMetal 11 and 12 yet applying the suggested fixes does not work, ie treating this as a semantic table model by allowing for the table model in the css and adding a table configuration to the ctm file (note that the table elements are not supported in the out-of-the-box ctm dtd which makes this update doubly difficult and I have had to borrow the structure from the DITA ctm and adjust accordingly)
    Can anyone offer a fix or a workaround and is there a latest version of the ctm dtd or even an xsd so we can have confidence in adjusting this doctype



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    Please submit a support case.

    Ning Hu


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