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    How To Style A Text Node

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    Is there a way to style an individual text node (not its containing element) in XMetaL/XMAX 6.0? My customer is wanting me to support some processing instructions that indicate a font style. Below is an example of what they are doing. Unfortunately, they are unwilling to convert these to elements in hopes of making things easier.

    Here is some red text.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: How To Style A Text Node

    There are ways to style arbitrary portions of text with newer versions of XMetaL Author but that requires the use of some as of yet undocumented APIs and the script required to implement it can be fairly complicated (we have also only been sharing this information with partners to date). I believe 7.0 is required, 8.0 is preferred, and I have not yet tried these APIs with XMAX, just Author.

    In this case, assuming your XML will be exactly as shown, it would be easiest to style the PI itself as XMetaL (both XMAX and Author) supports PI styling (our own extension to CSS). See the following post,24.0.html


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