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    How to get specific sources

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    All my sources are located in one map. But when I publish a ditamap, I only want to have the sources from that ditamap in the output directory. I have seen that this is possible with images in the imagelist.

    Part of my code is displayed below (build_preprocess)

        target test-sources, args.input=${args.input}, dita.input.filename.dir=${dita.input.filename.dir}, sources.input.dir=${sources.input.dir}, sourcesdir-available=${sourcesdir-available}

        Copying files from directory sources…


        depends=”copy-sources, debug-filter,copy-image, copy-html, copy-flag, copy-subsidiary, copy-generated-files”>

        description=”Copy image files”>


    I see in the dita.list file that the copytosourcelist= is not filled in. Probably this is part of the solution.

    Who can help me?



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