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  • gopinathselvamin

    How do I save the topics created in XMetaL Author into Teamcenter

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    Hi All,

    I have XMetaL Author-10 and Teamcenter plugin installed for it.
    Now I create a DITA generic topic in XMetaL author.
    How can I save it into Teamcenter.

    Iam able to login to teamcenter from repository menu



    Derek Read

    Reply to: How do I save the topics created in XMetaL Author into Teamcenter

    Following is from the readme file included with the installer for XMetaL Author Enterprise For Teamcenter.
    Similar information should be included with the online help available after the software has been installed.

    Creating New DITA Documents
    Now that you have a templates folder containing template files, you can create new documents based on them.

    Note: The “File” menu in XMetaL Author is used to interact with the local file system. A special “Repository” menu is used for all file-related actions when working with content management systems that integrate with XMetaL Author Enterprise, including Teamcenter.

    1. In XMetaL Author Enterprise for Teamcenter, select the “New from Repository Template…” item listed in the “Repository” menu.
    2. In the dialog that appears navigate to the template folder (the folder you created, or that you shared, using the previous steps in this topic).
    3. Select one of the template files listed in the folder and click the “Continue” button.
    4. Select a location to save your newly created document to, provide a name, then click the “Save” button.
    5. A new document based on the template you selected will be created in the CMS at the location specified and the document will be checked out for editing in XMetaL Author Enterprise for Teamcenter.* At this point you may add additional content to complete the document and check it back into the CMS using the “Check in Document” item listed in the “Repository” menu.

    * At the same time as the XML file is checked out and copied to your computer, the associated DTD or W3C Schema and other files needed to provide the authoring experience (these include CSS, CTM, and possibly MCR and other files) should be provided by the CMS in the same location (via the CMS connector) so that XMetaL Author has access to them. If properly configured this will occur automatically without you needing to do anything.

    The above procedure will be the same for most CMS systems that integrate with XMetaL Author Enterprise and all CMS systems that integrate using “XMetaL Connector”, including those provided by 3rd parties. We provide the Repository menu and associated actions and APIs to allow CMS developers to build a “connector” that will work with their specific CMS functionality while allowing us to develop and test this common interface. There are some CMS vendors that have chosen not to use these standard interfaces but we encourage them to do so as it makes things more predictable, leading to (hopefully) a more stable environment.


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