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  • d_dalapati

    How can I "Refresh All References" programmatically.

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    How can I “Refresh All References” programmatically.

    After inserting a conref withen a document it is not showing referenced content. Once I do “Refresh All References” from context menu, it is displaying referenced content. Is ther any option to “Refresh All References” programmatically.


    Derek Read

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    This just sounds like a bug to me. I would not expect people to try to fix these types of things (even though it is tempting because the JS code is “just sitting there”).

    It would be best to let XMetaL Support know which version of the product you are running (from the Help > About… dialog), and the exact steps you are performing to trigger this issue, with (ideally) sample files to make sure the same steps are performed exactly (this might also be a filename issue, filepath / storage problem, etc).

    It may have also been addressed already (a lot of work was done in this area with practically every release of the product). I cannot reproduce the issue with the current release (6.0) but I may not being doing the same thing you are.



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    First of all I am not using existing mechanism to put conref attribute. Rather I am using some customized script to generate conref attribute. Conref attribute I am setting is valid and able to resolve references.

    When I am opening a document which contents conref, it resolved references. But when I am changing  conref attribute or putting new conref it is not showing inflated  content. Rather it is showing local content. To see inflated content I had to trigger “Refresh All Reference” from context menu.

    I am using Xmetal 6.0


    Derek Read

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    This is interesting.

    The DITA functionality is really considered to be a closed system to be used by authors without scripting modifications, so we don't officially support doing this. We don't expose any of these types of functions publicly, which is also why we do not attempt to document any of them as “APIs” (as we do with the XMetaL Author core APIs documented in the Programmer's Guide which are to be used for creating customizations for DTDs and Schemas other than DITA).

    Partners that need to integrate some 3rd party system with the product may wish to contact Partner Support for some additional guidance. For example, if you are building a CMS integration we have a special SDK for that, and there might be other guidance we can provide for integrating with other types of software.

    If there are specific limitations with the product and you would like us to fix a particular bug or implement a new feature please let us know via the XMetaL Support channel. That is the preferred approach.

    If you do wish to modify the DITA functionality to trigger your own custom scripts you will need to study the scripts located in the following folder author. However, please keep in mind that we cannot promise their content (and thus their behavior or function names) will remain constant in future releases. In addition, XMetaL Support cannot support these types of modified installations and will only attempt to reproduce and help with issues related to DITA found with a default (out of the box / standard) installation.


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