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    description would go here in some standardized form…maybe something like this…

    Application: XMetaL Author Enterprise
    JustSystems Bug Tracking Number: PROD00032775
    Issue Summary: The relationship table editing functionality for DITA maps was unintentionally disabled in this release. When editing a reltable in a DITA map in Tags On or Normal view some of the items in the Table menu and on the Table toolbar do nothing when clicked.
    Hot Fix Summary: Installing this hot fix restores the feature.

    Note: Use this hot fix only with the application and version listed above. Refer to the file called readme.html included in the zip file for full details regarding installation and usage.

    What info do we need to capture in the subject line for the official title of the hotfix? Maybe this:


    As in:

    XXXX = internal use 4 digit product code.
    version = version number from the product
    date = some form of the date
    count = a number in case more than one fix is released for the same product and version on the same day


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