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    Guidelines for posting announcements and events

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    This discussion board is open to all, as a place for the XMetaL community to share news. For example, the following types of topics are appropriate for this board:
    – Upcoming courses and webinars about XMetaL
    – Upcoming XMetaL user group meetings
    – Upcoming conferences in which there will be a presentation involving XMetaL, such as a customer case study
    – Announcements about the publishing of new case studies involving XMetaL

    Naming conventions: Please put your company name in [square brackets] at the beginning of the subject line of your post. For multi-company events such as conferences, please use the word [Event] instead.

    Please make sure it is clear how the event is directly related to XMetaL. Other events that are not directly related to XMetaL but are of interest to the structured authoring, XML, or DITA communities in general, may be found in places such as [url=http://dita.xml.org/events]http://dita.xml.org/events[/url].

    In addition to posting an XMetaL-related event here, please feel free to add it to the Calendar: [url=http://forums.XMetaL.com/index.php?action=calendar]http://forums.XMetaL.com/index.php?action=calendar


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