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    Get PDF output to include preview titles and short description at chapter top

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    Using this basic structure:

                  Topic Name 1
                              blah blah blah one 

                  Topic Name 2
                              blah blah blah two 

                  Topic Name 3
                              blah blah blah three 


    My Webhelp output for the level above includes the short description for each topic as preview and a link to the topic title, as in:

    Name of the chapter
    Short description for the chapter

    Topic Title 1
    blah blah blah one  (short description for topic 1)

    Topic Title 2
    blau blah blah two

    Topic Title 3
    blah blah blah three

    However my PDF output (using Xmetal Enhanced PDF via Render X XEP) doesn't include the preview short descriptions and links to title topics at the chapter level. One level higher, at , it does include the chapter titles as links, but no short descriptions.

    Does anyone know how to modify the PDF output to pick up the titles and short descriptions of the topics contained within a chapter and put them at the top of the chapter, the same way the HTML Webhelp output does?

    I realize they're very different types of output but I imagine this is possible, however so far I'm having no luck so far finding the right .xsl files to modify to get this result.


    XMetal 6.0
    Xmetal Enhanced PDF via Render X XEP



    Reply to: Get PDF output to include preview titles and short description at chapter top

    For anyone interested, I stumbled upon something in the DITA OT that controls this, buried in the file:

    C:UsersAppDataRoamingSoftQuadXMetaL SharedDITA_OTdemoxmfoCustomizationfoxslxm_commons_mod.xsl

    Text-edit that file and uncomment the line:
        (change to)


    This line appears a number of times in this file, but only the one instance was commented out (in my file it's line 165).

    I also commented out the two following lines, haven't tested if that was necessary, but it didn't hurt anything, so now they appear like this:


    The result is that now at the top of each Chapter in the PDF I have links to the topics the chapter contains. It didn't include short descriptions but that's good enough.

    So it's a “mini-toc” feature that's just turned off for PDFs in this installation of the DITA OT by default I guess, those links do appear in any HTML output I tried.


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