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    Generate RLD file from XSD for inclusion in XAC

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    I'm using XMetal Author Essentials 6.0 and have XMetal Developer 6.0 as well.

    I have customizations from an older version of XMetal that I want to rebuild and generate a new XAC file for use by all my authors/editors.

    I'm able to generate a RDL by opening a document without a schema location defined and then browsing to my XSDs.

    I'm then grabbing the RLD file from my local %AppData% folder and adding this to my application customization solution and building the XAC file.

    Is this the right workflow?

    Or should I just include my XSDs in the project and have them in the final XAC? Seems from looking through previous threads that this may be determined more by my concerns of having users change the schema rather than by performance.

    Are there any performance gains by generating the rule up front and not distributing the XSDs?

    Thanks for any help/guidance


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Generate RLD file from XSD for inclusion in XAC

    XMetaL Developer supports either workflow. In both cases if you deliver the XAC file to your end users the RLD file is included inside (and in this case no other files are required).

    If you choose to deliver your customization in non-XAC form (XSD + CSS + CTM + MCR and possibly other files) then you can choose to deliver either the XSD or the RLD to the end users. If you deliver the XSD only then XMetaL will generate the RLD from it. If you deliver both then the RLD will be used and the XSD ignored (unless modified). If you deliver the RLD only then it will be used.

    Unfortunately the recording of the webinar we gave on this subject has been destroyed, however, the slides are available here:


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