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    Future of XMetaL Developer?

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    I would like to ask if there are concrete plans to release any new versions of XMetaL Developer and if so, when we can expect the next one to arrive? Our reseller told us last year that version 8 was supposed to be released in late 2013 but this seems to have been false information.

    Many of the authors in our company already use XMetaL Author 9, while the developers are stuck with XMetaL Developer 7. And even though the Developer license packages contain separate licenses for XMetaL Author, it does not seem possible to upgrade only those in the maintenance period.

    However, we need to use the latest version as our newer projects utilize DITA and apparently there are significant changes in the DITA integration and pre-processing between the versions. At the same time the developers have to create custom dialogs and maintain older non-DITA customizations, so they need at least a working Form Layout Editor, which to my knowledge cannot be used with a newer version of XMetaL Author.

    This situation is extremely unsatisfactory and we are quite unsure if it makes sense to renew any of the maintenance contracts anymore.

    It would be sad to see XMetaL losing its ability to be customized the way it's used to be, as we considered this one of its core features and which has been the main reason to choose this XML editor over others.

    Best regards,


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Future of XMetaL Developer?

    JustSystems did not release XMetaL Developer 8. That was a conscious decision. Anyone purchasing XMetaL Developer from JustSystems for the past two years should have been told XMetaL Developer 7 was the current version to use (and not to worry about the number if that concern was raised). The XMetaL Forms Toolkit should be compatible with versions 7, 8, and 9 (and possibly earlier) of XFT. At least I'm not aware of any issues to date (if you find any let XMetaL Support know, as you would do with any other bugs).

    The reason a version 8 was not released is because no changes were made to XMetaL Developer between the time XMetaL Developer 7 was released and XMetaL Author Enterprise / Essential and XMAX 8 were released. Perhaps the version number could have been altered from 7 to 8 and a new installer for XMetaL Developer “8” created, but I think that would have been considered a wasted effort. Telling people they are getting a whole new major version when it is essentially identical to the previous one seems a little underhanded as well.

    Version 9 is coming “soon”. I don't have any more information than that. However, I can say that it is being tested on both Windows 7 and 8 and it is being tested with VS 2012 and 2013. In addition to supporting a new OS and VS versions it will include bug fixes and updated documentation.


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