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  • Su-Laine Yeo

    Free goodie: Shortcut for selecting the contents of the current element

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    People have asked for a quick way to select the contents of the current element, without selecting the tags. The file attached to this tutorial will let you do this. It runs a simple script, also known as a macro, when you press Ctrl+Shift+S in XMetaL.

    1) Download and unzip the attached select_container_contents.zip file.
    2) Open your XMetaL Startup folder. For default installations of XMetaL 6.0, this is C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorStartUp.
    3) Move the select_container_contents.mcr file to your XMetaL Startup folder.
    4) Restart XMetaL.

    1) Open a document in XMetaL and click anywhere in the document.
    2) Press Ctrl+Shift+S.

    About Demo Code:
    Before using this script please read the notes and comments in the MCR file (which also includes some legal stuff). Note from the developer: “Basically, this code is provided as a demo and should be treated as if it were completely untested. I have tested it as best I can, but it has not gone through our regular rigorous test process.

    “Please also do not use this script without the permission of the people that maintain your XMetaL installation (if that isn't you). Although the possibility is low given the way I have coded this it could conflict with special customizations or scripts, 3rd party tools or plug-ins, a specific work-flow they have set up and wish you to follow, or any number of other things I cannot even guess at. I would recommend telling them about your wish to have something like this and let them integrate it and test it for you.”


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