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    Formatting Marks?

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    Does XMetaL DITA have a way to show formatting marks in the source? Like the backwards P in Word?

    I want to be able to view spaces etc inserted in the documents. Please let me know because we cannot seem to find this basic functionality.
    Thank you.



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    Unfortunately XMetaL does not have this capability directly at this time.  We are considering it for a future release.

    One workaround that been suggested is to create a custom Windows font for use within the editor, where the desired “invisible” characters have been replaced by visible glyphs. It would be possible to change the fonts and hence “hide/show invisibles” by altering the CSS via script. Admittedly this is a little bit of a hack. Derek may be able to comment on whether anyone is actually doing this in practice.



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    In an xml-based tool chain I have to wonder what need there is for this feature and exactly what it would mean. What you see in tags on and normal view bears little relation to the spaces and line feeds in the source. What you see as line breaks are there because of CSS rules. The line breaks and spaces that are in the source are in most cases immaterial to the presentation.

    Could you provide more information about what root-problem you need to solve, perhaps providing an example?



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