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  • joshburt

    Forgetful XMetaL 8 Tool Bars?

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    Software: XMetaL Author Enterprise

    The visibility and positions of the tools bars are not persistent across restarts of the application.

    Screenshot 1:
    Initial launch of the application

    Screenshot 2:
    Right-click a tool bar to bring up the context menu.

    Screenshot 3:
    Select the 'Repository' option remove this toolbar from the application.

    Screenshot 4:
    Closing and restarting XMetaL returns the visable tool bars back to the default set.



    Reply to: Forgetful XMetaL 8 Tool Bars?

    The re-appearance of the Repository toolbar is “works as designed” in XMetaL. It is turned on as a result of the initialization of the repository subsystem at XMetaL startup time.

    I've put in a feature request with Product Management for the ability to turn off this toolbar.


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