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    folder structure for singlesourcing maps in webhelp

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    How do I need to place my ditamaps in folders in order to singlesource the ditamaps in several html outputs?

    In my case, I have an English sw manual (ditamap) that is to be jointly distributed with e.g. a German hw manual (ditamap) in a complete System manual (ditamap and a localized coverpage/homepage). The same English sw manuals will be distributed with hw manuals in all 10 languages in separate System manuals.

    I had placed the files in parallell folders for the one sw manual, the many localized hw manuals and the shell System manuals. Then I inserted the manuals of interest in each System manuals with Insert Map Reference. However, the index links where broken!!! The index is displayed, but links don't work.

    Apparently it worked when I placed the sw manual and the hw manuals to be included in the System manual, as sub-folders to the System manual folder.
    However, this is not a good solution. It means that I would need to have 10 copies of the English sw manual xml files. No singlesourcing.

    What have I missed?

    I use XMetaL(R) Author Enterprise, part of XMetaL Author Enterprise for Documentum webtop version As stated in an earlier post, I'm having problems generating webhelp in XMetaL from Documentum files, so I export them and generate them in XMetaL locally, so this is not a Documentum issue.


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