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    First-level heading title on odd-page headers – PDF

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     I am trying to write a few lines of code to capture the first-level heading titles so that they can be included in odd-page headers. So far I've done the following:

    1. In DITA_OTdemoxmfoCustomizationfoxslcustom.xsl , I inserted the following code:


    2. In DITA_OTdemoxmfoCustomizationfoxslxm_common_vars.xsl ,  I inserted the following code:

                       select=”/descendant::*[contains(@class, ' bookmap/chapter ')][1] /descendant::*[contains(@class, ' map/topicref ')][1]/@navtitle”/>  

    As you can see, the code in 2 above only grabs the first-level heading title from chapter 1 (navtitle). What I want is to have the first-level topic heading of each chapter appear on the odd-page header of their respective chapters, instead of just having the one for chapter 1 to appear throughout the document. Can anyone help? Thanks.


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