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  • chandan7891

    Extra Tabs, spaces and lines are broken

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    When I open the XML document in Plain Text View, I could see that my document has formatted automatically with extra Tab characters, spaces etc. In addition to that, a single line is broken into multiple lines. I have un-checked auto intend and word wrap options of the XMetaL from the Tools menu and still the issue is appearing. I guess its to do with the .CTM file. Appreciate your assistance to fix this issue. Thanks.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Extra Tabs, spaces and lines are broken

    Yes, this feature is called Pretty Printing and is enabled in the CTM file.
    To turn off this feature you may add the directive to the CTM file. For detailed information you should refer to the Customization Guide. In the Customization Guide see the topic “Global Properties” as well as the topic “Text Layout” both of which are subtopics within the “Element Properties” section.

    Note: For clients working with DITA documents XMetaL Author Enterprise includes 2 macros that add and remove this directive to/from the DITA CTM files. The macros are listed in the Macros toolbar.


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