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    Extra space in book titles

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    I am using XMetaL 5.5 and when insert book titles in a DITA  bookmap, save the file, and then reopen the file in XML view, there is an extra space added to the end of the titles. Has anyone else seen this in their bookmaps? This is a problem because during transformation to PDF, we concatenate the with the to create our footers. The footer displays with a space in between the two titles.

    The only workaround is to remove the extra spaces each time I open the DITA map before I generate the output.



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    After searching the forum, I found that this is not only happening with title elements but with all elements. I followed the instructions to Turn OFF Pretty-Printing and the extra spaces are gone. Thanks for the tip.

    BTW – XMetaL should make this the default!


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