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  • LeeHart

    Exposing xs:documentation in UI

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    Our schema uses xs:documention to describe elements, attributes, and attribute values. In other tools (such as Visual Studio) this is exposed in the UI when working on XML documents that use our schema. We can do a very limited amount of description of just the elements using the LongDescription element in the CTM but that's minimally exposed in the UI (single line, maybe 5-7 words). Due to this limitation it's not worth developing a tool to update our CTM with data from the xs:documentation elements in our XSDs, and that doesn't help for attributes or attribute values. I'd like to have a description that pops up when the cursor hovers over an attribute or attribute value in the attribute inspector.

    If this is not already possible in XMetaL, I'd like to add it to the Wish List for a future release.




    Derek Read

    Reply to: Exposing xs:documentation in UI

    Automatically reading this data from an XSD Schema is not currently supported, but it sounds like a nice to have feature. I'll put a feature request in.

    Bugs in 6.0:
    The Element List not expanding the area that shows the LongDescription is a known bug. The text area should expand vertically to accomodate the text you have in the LongDescription setting in the CTM file. Similar functionality for the Attribute Inspector is also broken, so that values set in an ATT file (see journalist.att for an example) are completely ignored.


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