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    Events in macros

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    XMetal v.6
    I've put mcr file to “C:Program FilesXMetaL 6.0AuthorStartUp” and added macro “On_Document_Close”.
    Why is the On_Document_Close event activated only once when I close the latest opened document? What about other opened documents? How can I get the Document Close event for each document?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Events in macros

    This event will work for document-level customizations. It will not work as you have tried, which is an application-level customization (where it is designed to be ignored).

    If you move your script into your document-level customization (that would be inside .mcr or .mcr) then it should function. Similar events are also document-level only (On_Document_Open_Complete, On_Document_Save, etc).

    If you feel you need to do something at the application-level (for all documents regardless of schema) perhaps you could explain what you need to do so we can suggest a solution if there is one. If this isĀ  complex, requires you to share files, or you otherwise do not wish to discuss this on the forum feel free to submit a support case (or if you are a partner, to contact partner support).


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