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    [Event] tekom Annual Conference

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    Wiesbaden, Germany
    October 18-20, 2011


    JustSystems will be attending the tekom Annual Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany in October. The event attracts visitors from around the world. Along with the tcworld conference and the tekom Trade Fair, that are happening at the same time, the tekom annual conference is by now  Europe’s largest event in the industry.

    The conference participants are offered a diverse program, which includes nearly 200 lectures, workshops, tutorials, and discussion groups. Well-known speakers present the latest developments in technical communication and documentation and provide excellent opportunities to exchange knowledge and get in touch with experts and developers.

    Attendees choose from three technical forums for in-depth education including hands-on labs and usability sand boxes, and the thought-provoking forum on Business Leadership. The three technical forums are: Information Management Forum, Business Analytics Forum, and Enterprise Content Management Forum.

    For more information, visit [url=http://www.tekom.de/tagung/tagung.jsp]http://www.tekom.de/tagung/tagung.jsp[/url]


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