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    [Event] DITA Europe Conference 2011

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    Prague, Czech Republic
    November 7-8, 2011


    JustSystems will be attending the 7th Annual DITA Europe Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. The conference will be held November 7-8, 2011. Meet publications professionals who have implemented DITA in their organizations and hear from representatives of key tools vendors who are actively supporting the DITA community.

    Using DITA means working with the new international OASIS/XML standard for topic-based authoring of well structured content. Out of the box, DITA provides you with a structure amenable to most technical information. And it provides you with a mechanism for extending the structure to meet your industry's needs.

    For more information, visit [url=http://www.infomanagementcenter.com/DITAeurope/2011/index.htm]http://www.infomanagementcenter.com/DITAeurope/2011/index.htm[/url]


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