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  • smpawlow

    Embedded forms in XMetal?

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    I'm trying to create some custom forms in XMetal and embed them.  There isn't a lot of documentation on using the OnXftGetXmlValue, OnXftGetXPath, OnXftPutXmlValue events.  I've been doing a lot of hit and miss.  In Xmetal Author Enterprise when the user selects a value from a combobox (my custom form) it shows a long description, but puts a short code in the attribute inspector, which is correct.  But when the user clicks off of the combobox and somewhere else within the tag, or clicks on the combobox (like on focus) and then clicks away without changing anything…my attribute now has the full long description value instead of the short code value.

    Anyone having any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be very much appreciated!!!

    XMetal 5.5


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