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    Editing .xsl’s does nothing to my DITA .PDF output? (XMetaL Author Ent. 7)

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    I'm using XMetaL Author Enterprise 7 and trying to customize the appearance of a Glossary in my PDF output. According to the User's Guide, this should be possible by renaming my custom.xsl.orig to custom.xsl and copying over the desired characteristics.

    Right now, my code looks like this:




    (the ridiculous tiny values and italic weight are deliberate dramatic changes, made to see if I am modifying the “right” parameters.)

    Basically, all I want to do is come up with a .xsl-based solution for the fact that the default spacing in a Glossary file is huge and gross, and I want to make it more compact. (The giant lakes of white space between a and , for instance, are super no bueno.)

    Right now, custom.xsl is located in my

    SoftQuad >XMetalShared > DITA_OT > demo > fo > Customization
    folder. I moved it up one level from Customization > fo, which at least “broke” the formatting of my s or reset them to default or something, but otherwise did not enact the desired behavior.

    I've tried everything I can think of. Is my file not in the right folder? Please help?

    (I dug around in our company server and found a glossary-attrs.xsl that I based this on, but it is similarly not working. I'm stumped.)


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