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    drag and drop text

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    using XMAX (32-bit) control within form.

    we are looping thru xml tags to set certain tags as protected from typing. Discovered that this code is running before the drag/drop text is actually available in the editor – thus leaving its text unprotected. The _OnDrop, _On_Document_Before_DropText, and _On_Document_After_DropText already have been triggered before the text appears in the editor. As a work-around we would like to pass around a global Boolean variable after a drag/drop, but having difficulty determining which event to reset this variable in order not to slow down editing having it run unnecessarily.

    Question, what is last event (macro) triggered just before the user is allowed to type, and is available with the xmax control?  Not having any luck with _OnUpdateUI, _GotFocus, or _OnDrop.

    Didn't encounter this issue with XMetaL Author Essential 5.5?



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    XMAX will fire callback methods through the COM event sink, _IXMetaLControlEvents, and also fire the equivalent event macros.  Which are you using?

    The On_Update_UI event macro (or OnUpdateUI event sink callback) is the last event fired prior to allowing users to interact with the XML via keyboard or mouse.

    From you description, it is not clear.  You might want to contact Customer Support directly.


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