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  • mjkhan

    DOMElement.nodeValue behavior in XMetaL Author 8 SP1

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    We have recently upgrade the XMetaL Author Enterprise from 6 SP1 to 8 SP1. Some of our custom functionality starting behaving incorrectly. Looking into the issue we found that DOMElement.nodeValue is now returning whole xml string. In XMetaL Author 6 SP1 API the DOMElement.nodeValue returns the value as null.

    The Programmer's guide states that according to DOM specification it should be null for DOMElement but is not clear how XMetaL API handles it. What is the correct behavior? We are using

    XMetaL Enterprise Author 8 SP1
    XMetaL Developer 7
    Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64-bit
    Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate SP1



    Derek Read

    Reply to: DOMElement.nodeValue behavior in XMetaL Author 8 SP1

    It looks like this behaviour has changed. Up to version 7 this API returns an empty string (slightly different from null). I can reproduce the behavior in 8.0 but at this point I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or in error. Given my understanding of the DOM I suspect it is a bug.

    The developer that can best confirm this is currently unavailable so it might take a while to get you a good answer.

    If you can work around this by altering your code that would be my recommendation for now.


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