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    Does WebHelp Support These Customizations

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    I need to customize WebHelp output. I'm new to XMetaL, so please forgive any terminology issues you might see in this post.

    Specifically, I need to:

    Treeview (Contents)
    — Remove the dotted lines from the topic treeview. The dotted lines I'm referring to are those that show hierarchy and levels.

    — Possibly replace topics with links which when clicked, will cause a list of topics to appear in the content pane on the right. For example, two of the links in the Content pane might be “Getting Started” and “Publishing Your First Novel.” When a user clicks one of these, then a list of links to topics appears in the content pane. A user clicks one of the links, and the topic content appears in the Content pane.

    — Possibly open an entire “document” inline in the content area, after clicking a link in the Treeview area.

    Header Area
    — Replace the out-of-the-box (OOTB) header (

    ) with something entirely different, including a company logo, my own custom text, some links
    — Retain the OOTB Search feature

    So the question is: Can I do this by customizing CSS and Javascripts, or would it be better to simply build an extension to the DITA-OT to produce the output? Perhaps said otherwise, is it practical to attempt such customizations via CSS/JavaScript, or is it better to consider the DITA-OT approach?

    I've got a fairly decent CSS / Javascript background.

    Thanks very much for your help.



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