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  • KdG

    Documents.OpenString [boolTemplate] causes error

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    I noticed that since XMetaL Author Essential the OpenString function hangs when you add the [boolTemplate]
    So Documents.OpenString(doc,1,”test.xml”,false); causes no response
    While Documents.OpenString(doc,1,”test.xml”); works fine.

    Is this a general thing or just someting with my installation?

    Steps to reproduce: Copy-paste the example from the Programers Guide (below) into XMetaL:

    // XMetaL Script Language JSCRIPT:
    var xmlDec = '';
    var docType = '';
    var contents1 = “

    New Document“;
    var contents2 = “Contents

    var doc = xmlDec + docType + contents1 + contents2;
    // Open the document in Tags On view


    Derek Read

    Reply to: Documents.OpenString [boolTemplate] causes error

    It does appear to be functioning oddly. I'll let the development team know.


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