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    Documentation: topic "specifying parameters" contains incorrect info

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    XMetaL Author Enterprise 7.0 (and specifically not earlier versions)

    The topic “specifying parameters” incorrectly lists some deliverables as using ANT and some use Java. The table shown in that help topic is the same one from our 6.0 release and was simply not updated. In addition, some new deliverables

    With the 7.0 release of XMetaL Author Enterprise we changed our “deliverables” so that they all run the DITA Open Toolkit using ANT and not Java. This was done because ANT provides a more robust way for running the DITA OT than using Java command line parameters and using one method for all deliverables simplifies things as there is no longer any need to check if Java or ANT is being used when making modifications or specifying parameters.

    So What?
    If you need to specify a parameter in “Other output parameters” in XMetaL's UI (Advanced tab in Configure Output…) you can no longer use any of the Java forms documented in the DITA Open Toolkit (because Java is not used). When checking the DITA OT documentation for parameters that can be used with a specific transtype look up the parameters that are compatible with ANT. So, for example, the DITA OT we include with 7.0 is version 1.5.4 so only the parameters listed here apply (Java is on a separate page): http://dita-ot.sourceforge.net/1.5.4/readme/dita-ot_ant_properties.html

    When specifying a parameter for the DITA OT the format in XMetaL Author Enterprise will now always be:

    ANT_PARAM_ =

    Where ANT_PARAM_ is a prefix that tells XMetaL you wish to pass a parameter to ANT.
    Where is the name of the parameter as documented in the DITA OT documentation.
    Where is the value you wish to pass as documented in the DITA OT documentation.

    Note: ANT does differ from Java in that if you pass an invalid parameter name or value it does not care and will fail silently.


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