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    Do you know Antenna Houlse hyphenation plug-in?

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    We are getting style sheets created for our DITA implementation, and we are going to use Antenna House as part of the publishing process. Antenna House offers a plug-in for hyphenation (“supports 50 languages”), which looks very relevant to us. I am wondering if no hyphenation is better than auto-hyphenation? We have been told by our style sheet developers that it might only work “most” of the time, especially with medical or technical terminology.
    As our CSS developer has no actual experience with using this plug-in, my questions to the group are these:
    Does anyone have experience with this plug-in that could tell me 1) how much is “most” of the time in practice, 2) how well does it handle the hyphenation in translations, 3) are there difficulties with medical or technical terminology hyphenation?

    If you consider that it is not OK to discuss experience with a specific brand product in this forum and would rather contact me off-line then please email me direct: [email protected]


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