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  • plumblei

    DITA topic appears to be invalid

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    I'm editing a ditamap converted from doc. When I first opened it, I noticed that some topics are invalid (appear with a light bulb in Resource Manager).
    I tried to open the topics and got lots of errors about invalid tags in them. I found all these tags and deleted them, saved the topic and reopened XMetal. But they still appear as invalid in Resource Manager, although they open flawlessly and without any errors.
    What gives?


    Derek Read

    Reply to: DITA topic appears to be invalid

    The light bulb in the Map Editor (the Map Editor is a tab inside the Resource Manager) indicates the the map is referencing a DITA concept. It does not mean the document is invalid.

    In the Map Editor the following icons may be displayed:

    generic topic = document icon (piece of paper with folded corner)
    concept topic = document icon with yellow light bulb
    task topic = document icon with the numbers 1.2.3.
    reference topic = document icon with blue table
    map = tree control (or “node with subnodes”) icon
    bookmap = closed purple book icon
    relationship table = blue table icon
    table of contents = purple gears (don't ask me why)
    key definition = ripped page icon (I guess this is somehow suggesting that some info is coming from elsewhere)

    To see most of those icons open the two sample DITA maps from Help > Samples.

    If you have XMetaL integrated with a CMS system that implements more icons specific to the CMS then you may see additional icons.



    Reply to: DITA topic appears to be invalid

    Thanks, Derek!


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