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  • Su-Laine Yeo

    DITA: Patch for generating DITA output using Antenna House Formatter

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    Products: XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0.x

    Issue: Antenna House (http://www.antennahouse.com/) has developed a patch to improve the quality of PDF output from XMetaL and Antenna House Formatter. Without this patch, index entries do not appear in PDF output if an XSL-FO formatter other than RenderX XEP is used, due to RenderX-specific code in the original FO plugin for the DITA Open Toolkit (http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,1170.0.html).  

    Caveats: We have tested this patch with XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0.1 and Antenna House Formatter 5.2 only. The files in this patch replace RenderX-specific code with code that does not appear to work with RenderX XEP. For example, in our tests “XMetaL Enhanced PDF via RenderX XEP” failed if the source document contained index entries.

    We have not re-tested the [url=http://na.justsystems.com/webhelp/en/xmetalauthor/enterprise/6.0/XMEE.html#Appendix%20D:%20Configuring%20PDF%20output]documentation on modifying PDF output[/url] after installing this patch.

    Also, after installing this patch, you will notice that some of the PDF deliverable types in XMetaL start to invoke Antenna House Formatter instead of invoking RenderX XEP or Apache FOP, even if they do not have “Antenna House” in their names.

    Download and Installation Instructions

    1) Go to https://github.com/Sitwon/xm_dita_axf
    2) Click the Downloads button.
    3) Click the “1.1” link (or the link to a higher version number if there is one). You will be prompted to save a .zip file to your local machine.
    4) Unzip the file you just downloaded and copy the files to your DITA_OT folder using the instructions in the enclosed readme_axf.txt file. Note the following issues:

    • Make sure you are modifying the [url=http://forums.xmetal.com/index.php/topic,939.0.html]right copy of the DITA_OT folder[/url].
    • The patch includes files which need to be copied to the “demo/xmfo” folder, in addition to files which need to be copied to the “demo/fo” folder.

    5) In XMetaL Author Enterpise, click Tools > Configure Output.
    6) Select the Show disabled deliverable types checkbox.
    7) Click XMetaL Enhanced PDF via Antenna House XSL Formatter, then click Edit.
    8) Click the Advanced tab.
    9) Deselect the Disable use of this deliverable type checkbox. Click OK.
    10) Repeat steps 7 to 9 for the “Book via RenderX” deliverable type if you want to use “PDF2”-style processing. You might also want to change the name of this deliverable type to “PDF2 via Antenna House Formatter” or something else more intuitive.
    11) Repeat steps 7 to 9 for the “PDF via FO with default processing” deliverable type if you prefer to use “PDF1”-style processing.


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