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    DITA Ids not being assigned

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    We have upgraded to XMetaL 8 SP1 Author Enterprise from XMetaL 6 SP1. We have observed an issue with XMetal 8 SP1 where DITA Ids are not being to all the content tags in the document. I have debugged with XMetal Developer 7 and looks like in nulAssignElements method in Library_ID.js macro the node list is not being traversed properly. Following is code snippet.

      //get ndl here
      var readPosition = 0;
      for (var i=0; i < len; i++){
        var nde = ndl.item(readPosition); //readPosition is always 0

    The behavior is that only the first tag in the document will be assigned DITA id. The code words in XMetaL 6 SP1 since the nodelist pops the item instead of a get in the list.

    Please advice if our observation is correct and if the fix is available.




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    You might check Tools > DITA Options > General Tab >  Options button (next to Auto-assign element IDs).



    Derek Read

    Reply to: DITA Ids not being assigned

    This does not look like our code so I'm not sure what is being discussed here.

    The only supported method for introducing changes to (some) DITA functionality with script is to implement those changes in specifically defined JScript prototype overrides.

    This is undocumented (partners are typically involved in this work) but there is an example here:
    C:Program FilesXMetaL 8.0AuthorDITAXACs1.2ditabaseditabase_ditabase.off.js

    That example must be renamed to remove the “.off” portion to be enabled. If a different DITA document type needs similar overrides to be made then the file needs to be duplicated into the corresponding folder for the other DTD, renamed to correspond to the base DTD file name in that folder, and all prototype declarations in the file must be similarly renamed.

    Other types of changes are unsupported.


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