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    DITA 1.3 table/@rowheader

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    DITA 1.3 table/@rowheaders attribute is expanded to have the value “headers”. If we specify @rowheaders=”headers”, the relevant column will be treated as the header.

    3.12.4 Complex-table attribute group – @rowheader

    Indicates that entries of a column described using the element are functionally row headers (for cases with more than one column of row headers). Applies when @rowheader is used on the element.

    Does newest XMetaL 12.0 support this capability?


    Toshihiko Makita
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    Derek Read

    Reply to: DITA 1.3 table/@rowheader

    Yes, you can set the value for this attribute. Currently, if you wish to set this attribute value (or other attributes that are not exposed in the Table Properties dialog) you can do the following:

    1) Place the insertion point anywhere in the table.
    2) Open the Attribute Inspector.
    3) Drill up to the “table” element using the dropdown list at the top of the Attribute Inspector. The current values for that attribute will be listed.
    4) Click on the @rowheader attribute value's listbox and select one of the enumerated values listed (it will list all the values defined by the current DTD). If you are authoring to the DITA 1.3 DTD then the value “headers” will be available. If the DTD is for an older version of DITA (1.1 or 1.2) then that value will not be available. If you are working with a specialized DITA DTD then any values you have defined should be available.

    Note: This Attribute Inspector feature can be used to access the attributes on any ancestor element relative to the current selection.


    Derek Read

    Reply to: DITA 1.3 table/@rowheader

    In addition, in Tags On view (and specifically not Normal view) you can place the insertion point between the opening

    tag and the grid-rendered portion of the table to access that element's attributes, or between the grid and the closing

    tag. My previous post works for both Normal and Tags On view.


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